Last college project of the academic year. We had to create a poster based on our “words of wisdom” for first year students. Kind of advice based on our experience as graphic design/visual communication students.


Typographical treatment. Quote by Shunryu Suzuki-roshi.



have you ever think how could it be? World without computers.

Brief: Create a logo and stationery for small local  real restaurant which isn’t properly branded.  I chose Dost punjabi cuisine just off Dalry road.





Second one…PunkSummerBreak


This is first from serie of posters called MusicalGraphics which I am preparing for summer screenprinting. While college will be close  my plan is to do some scrrenprints. First one Dub2Dub.dub2dub2

This was a brief from Scottish & Newcastle UK, to create a new brand of Cider. We had to come up with name, brand, design and concept for advertising campaign. This is my and my team partner Gunnar, entry for that competition. We create Abrahams brand, and we connected it trough design and advertising campain with young, dynamic and great british music. That’s why Abrahams. Sound good campaign.