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College brief: this project required the production of a range of print media, assembled in InDesign, for a Friends of the Earth environmental awareness campaign. I wanted to make it a bit more intriguing and  visually interesting so I came up with the idea of Species in Danger, and retro 70’s inspired graphics style.foe_posterfoe_flyer


Poster made for a Polish punk band GaGa/ZZ for they upcomming autum tour.



have you ever think how could it be? World without computers.

During Easter Holidays I had time to experiment with large scale stencils.stencil11stencil22stencil31stencil41stencil61

Today I visited my friend an we talked about drawing a bit, inspired by that i drew the axe then some digital work was done and that’s the effect. Food hygiene illustration with dedication to Henderson’s restaurant.foodhygiene


My memories from journey to India taken into Photoshop realm.

Yes it’s march but why not,  card dillema for christmas sorted.