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Poster made for a Polish punk band GaGa/ZZ for they upcomming autum tour.



This is first from serie of posters called MusicalGraphics which I am preparing for summer screenprinting. While college will be close  my plan is to do some scrrenprints. First one Dub2Dub.dub2dub2

DVD cover design made for long time friends, great people great music, design… :)?


This is a college project- the brief was to create a a cd cover/booklet in black and white for existing album of our choice and to use our own photography.

This Fugazi cover/booklet is my response for the brief.



long_lunch_poster_web_small1Tonight I went to see Tomato-art and design collective. They were giving a talk about their works and projects- some of them were really huge. Just to mention one for EXPO 2008 or a various movie titles graphics for example Trainspotting, The Beach or Gangster no.1.

In they works they mixing a lot of multimedia, film, interactive and sound elements creating beautiyful, toughtful, dreamlike mesmerising visuals…hope sounds slightly interesting.



All thing  was set up by Longlunch  at Glasgow school of Art.One more thing worth to know is that these collective includes members  of Underworld, and troughout their works you can actually hear a lot of good music.

Beautiyful venue, inspiring work and nice company that’s how the night was. Strongly recommended for all interested in graphic design, art or film making.

Another music-friends connection. This time Yersinia Pestis my brother’s extreme grind/hardcore whatever they call it:) band.  There you can hear the screams my space.



This is logo/cd cover design  which I made for my friends.  The band play a mix of hip-hop/reggae/etno and You can listen them at my space.

 first picture – the sketching/concept stage


and the final “product”