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Here some new stuff I’ve done with Ola’s help, w bought some crazy colours and experimented a bit with colour screenprints.


Typographic poster, on theme “Words which changed the World”. Experimenting with type is a real fun, and its never ending process, there’s always something to change.


College brief: this project required the production of a range of print media, assembled in InDesign, for a Friends of the Earth environmental awareness campaign. I wanted to make it a bit more intriguing and  visually interesting so I came up with the idea of Species in Danger, and retro 70’s inspired graphics style.foe_posterfoe_flyer

Poster made for a Polish punk band GaGa/ZZ for they upcomming autum tour.


I have finally set up my own screen and collect all necessary tools and chemicals. So I was able to try  d.i.y. screen printing at home, effects are still far from perfect:) , I must work out appropriate exposure times – not sure how good is my light sensitive photo emulsion,because I got it from a friend for free and I am using builders flodlight (500W) so I just have to try few times to find perfect time. Anyway even like that I quite like the effect, it has a real hand made feel, unique and very hard to re-create digitally.beginners1screenp

Typographical treatment. Quote by Shunryu Suzuki-roshi.


Second one…PunkSummerBreak